Doodle clouds

Doodle clouds are works that consist of a large number of doodles. I call them this way because these doodles are often together in a cloud. Though doodlescapes could also be a good name. These clouds with doodles are ideal for large prints and a nice place on the wall. For example on canvas or on canvas with a nice frame around it. Or have one printed on aluminum dibond and you have a beautiful work of art. Nice to keep for yourself but also as a gift.

These drawings take me loads of time and therefor I post them a little less often. Below you will find an overview of all doodleclouds and doodlescapes I have made so far. By clicking on a small image you will see the complete work. Or take a look in the menu above for more doodle art.

  • In the blue'
  • The sphere'
  • Abstract in 5 colors'
  • A heap of doodles'
  • Underwater world'
  • The Doodle Crowd'
  • Arrow bird'
  • The Pink Elephant'
  • In the clouds'
  • Walking the dog'
  • Free hugs'
  • Doodles in space'
  • Sweet pink'
  • Upside down'