I sometimes get the question where I get my inspiration from. Most doodle art comes naturally when I have a pen, pencil or my tablet in hand. I’ll start with a few lines and see if I can make something out of that. Or I start with a simple figure and the doodle art will automatically appear on my drawing book or my screen. So I can’t name a specific source of inspiration.

Doodles in the wild (Brussels)
Doodle art on a wall in Brussels

I do like to look at doodle art and art from others. Subconsciously I may include that in my drawings. But I do make sure that I don’t copy things from others. From way back I can enjoy the art of Keith Haring. For me that is the founder of an art style that is very much in line with the style of doodle art. Although you do a lot of harm with that name Keith Haring.

Mr. Doodle in Brussels
Doodle art of Mr. Doodles in Brussels

Also the drawings of Mr. Doodles are great to watch. And I also like the work of The Doodle Boy. In addition, you will also encounter doodle art outside ‘in the wild’. Inspiration is literally everywhere around you.